We help our clients achieve mass production 
of high performance carbon frames.

We bring to projects a wealth of hard-won knowledge and bicycle industry-specific experience.
Let us help you navigate the process of carbon manufacturing.

We have unparalleled expertise in 3D CAD surfacing. We use unique project management
tools to maintain tight schedules and communicate progress between all participants.

We excel when Clients give us specific goals while allowing us
the freedom to achieve them with creativity and craftsmanship.

A blending of Art & Science.

We have over 20 years of Solidworks and ProE operating experience. Trained by the developers themselves, we are certified
professionals, technicians, and instructors. We have consulted to a diverse clientele ranging from Mattel Toys to the US Navy.

Measure twice, cut once. In other words, be certain before cutting metal because there’s no turning back.
Analysis and good old fashion hand calculation ensures that parts are strong enough and function correctly.

Web Development
We have designed web apps for automating the sale of online bicycles by guiding the customer through a process to find the right size and customize components and paint schemes.

Project Management
Over 15 years in development, our project management tools have evolved to meet the unique needs of bicycle brands.
We rely heavily on the use of private on-line websites to give daily updates to the customer.
We post product releases directly to the factory and maintain an accurate log of revisions and data.